Broadway Chiropractic

What Works

A powerpoint presentation highlighting the importance of the mind body connection (the safety pin cycle). Learn the importance of enhancing the mind body connection instead of suppressing it.

Headaches Aren’t Normal?

Broadway Chiropractic

Discussion on the types of headaches that are out there, the burden they place on individuals and society as a whole, and how to reduce their occurrence. Headaches are the number one cause of missed work and loss of productivity.

Home Remedies

Interested in learning how to avoid potentially harmful interventions?  Come learn what other options are out there and how you can help promote your body’s own inner healing abilities.

Building a Healthy Immune System

What is the best way to insure proper immune system development? This workshop is geared especially towards young families and people wanting to know more about the rise of Diseases of Intervention.

Rhyme and Rhythm

A spin on our ‘Unlocking Your True Potential’ workshop, all about how our bodies require consistency when it comes to any aspect of our health.

Pain Management

What’s the purpose of pain? What’s your approach to pain? What kind of example are we setting for our children? Everybody needs to hear this message.

Pregnancy: The Amazing Body

Open to all moms and dads (both current anf future) that want to learn about optimizing your pregnancy as well as the birth process. It's amazing what the body is capable of when we interfere less and provide resources more.