Broadway Chiropractic

Rhyme and Rhythm

A spin on our ‘Unlocking Your True Potential’ workshop, all about how our bodies require consistency when it comes to any aspect of our health.

Wellness Revisited

An interactive discussion on how ‘wellness’ is an overused term and what it actually means, as well as ideas on applying wellness principles to everyday life.

Kids & Sports: Injury & Prevention

Join us in helping to set our young athletes up for long term success! Topics will include musculoskeletal injuries as well as neurological/brain injuries.

Prescribed Epidemic

200 people a day are dying from opioid overdoses. 'Prescribed Epidemic' is an up-front discussion on what got us into the opioid crisis, and what we can do as individuals to dig ourselves out of it.

Spinal Health

Your spine houses and protects your central nervous system, the single most important system in your body that controls all other systems.  Learn basic principles on how to take proper care of your spine at home and in the work ... Read More