Benefits of Chiropractic

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During puberty, the body undergoes dramatic and stressful physical changes that place significant demand on muscles, joints, and bones. Teenagers are at increased risk for injury and skeletal/muscular issues. This is also a crucial time for their bone development as flexible cartilage that had allowed for growth in childhood hardens into true bone. Your chiropractor is specially trained to detect and treat imbalances in the complex interaction of bone, muscles, joints, and ligament with the nervous system, reducing aggravated symptoms experienced during this period of rapid development.


It is not surprising that the majority of our patients are adults. One reason is the typical adult’s fast-paced and hectic lifestyle leads to a marked increase in stress and stress-related disorders. Also, as adults age and settle into a routine of sedentary work and home, they tend to exercise less resulting in less flexibility and resilience. The inevitable result of this cycle is greater vulnerability to injury and joint issues. This is also the time in life changes in posture and spine alignment begin to lead to secondary issues including worsening posture, increased muscle and nerve tension, and stressed joints. All of these issues as well as overall quality of life can be markedly improved through timely chiropractic intervention.

Broadway Chiropractic embraces a holistic approach to healthcare and family, caring for patients of all ages, from infants to senior citizens.

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