Broadway Chiropractic

Unlocking Your True Potential

Unlocking your True Potential (also known as Time Frequency Intensity): Learn about what it takes to be healthy and live life at a 100%. We all have amazing potential that we were born with, now it is time to unlock ... Read More

Health by the Numbers

What goes into a number? Our culture places a lot of faith in numbers when it comes to measuring health. Think numbers like cholesterol, BMI, blood pressure…How important are these numbers, really?

Kids & Sports: Injury & Prevention

Join us in helping to set our young athletes up for long term success! Topics will include musculoskeletal injuries as well as neurological/brain injuries.

Myths, Truths, and Consequences

Have you ever said “You can’t believe everything that you hear”? So how do we decide what’s true regarding our health?


In this talk we will bring up the topic of optimizing our youth. Slowing down the aging process is something that eludes us all. We all would like to be young and fit but we all do not realize that ... Read More

Glocal ASP

Doctor training seminar

Lifetime Care

Lifetime care is not a choice; the only choice lies in the quality of the lifetime care you choose. Learn how to make that choice wisely


The most sought-after topic ever – stress. Stress is not bad – it's our ability to build ourselves up and our reaction to the stress that is lacking. What could you be doing different to build yourself up?

Keep Fit While You Sit

This is a workshop discussing how to optimize your sitting environment, why you should optimize it, and things you can do to help counteract the negative effects of being sedentary.